Super Hero Wannabe | Anyone that knows me knows I’m a big fan of film/movies. Fitness and Film go hand in hand for me. Reading the @prattprattpratt article in @mensfitnessmag as he prepared for the role of Star Lord in #TheGuardiansOfTheGalaxy is very inspiring and awesome. I Love to see people challenge themselves. With #NinjaTurtles premiering August 8, 2014 and #TheGuardiansOfTheGalaxy August 1, 2014 I’ve always tried to look like some kind of super hero. But my own super hero. It’s just something fun to train for on top of just wanting to be healthy. Whatever motivates you use it. Don’t be afraid to reach further than the furthest. Greatness is not a talent given to the select few; it’s within us all. It’s up to the individual whether or not they want to utilize it. You’d be surprise how fitness can give you a feeling of absolute control which rolls over into everything you do in life. Be greater than. #GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #teamMMOGM #TeamNoShirt #Fitness #ABSolutely #AbominableAbdominals #iLoveMovies #TheCinephile #SuperHeroes

Fitness Fridays
8am Class

Warm up:
• 20 Jumping Jacks
• 20 Air Squats
• 10 Knee Grabs to Lunges
• 4 Brisk Jogs
• Shuttle Run to KB Swings

**(partnered) you go as long as it takes your fitness partner to complete the shuttle run; switching immediately to the next station. After both complete the shuttle run 1x rest for 60 secs. Repeat 2 more times**

Workout: 15 mins to complete as many rounds as possible

1. Hanging Leg Raises (10 reps)
2. Barbell Power Clean (5 reps)
3. Box Jumps (10 reps)
4. Barbell Bent Over Row (10 reps)

(see rest of the video at
#GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #teamMMOGM #Fitness

Fitness Friendzy shoutout to my boy and former UConn teammate Glen Mourning (@mourningfitness) If you’re in the CT area check out his Bootcamp this Saturday July 19th. For more details follow his account. If you’re in the NY area contact me for details to my group session Saturdays at: #GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #teamMMOGM #UConnNuffSaid #CT #NY #FaithFamilyFriends

You know someone’s your friend when you they push you harder than most people because they know your level of potential and more importantly they know your mentality. Continuing to get better with @benmuaytyree of @battlefittm. #GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #teamMMOGM #Boxing #Fitness #BattleFit

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. If you want it, go get it. Enjoy this amazing day. #SuccessOrDeath #DearSummer

5am Class: Total Body Super Circuit
Warm Up:

20 Jumping Jacks
20 Body Squats
10 Knee Grabs to Lunge
Brisk Jog (4x)

Workout | 3 sets:

Set 1 40:20 (40 secs on 20 secs rest)
Set 2 30:15 (30 secs on 15 secs rest)
Set 3 20:10 (20 secs on 15 secs rest)

1. Barbell Deadlift
2. Kettle Bell Swings
3. Push Ups
4. Floor Plate Press
5. Barbell Back Squat
6. Jump Squats (Body Weight)
7. V - Up Sit Ups
8. Stability Ball Planks
9. Olympic Ring Rows
10. Machine Rows
11. Dumbbell/Kettle Bell Reverse Lunges
12. Split Jumps

**45 second rest after all exercises are completed. Repeat 2 more times with other allocated interval times**

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5am Class: Cardio & Core Day
Warm Up:
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Body Squats
10 Knee Grabs to Lunge
Brisk Jog (4x)
Workout: 3 sets of 40:20
(40 secs on 20 secs rest)
1. Row Machine
2. Bicycles
3. Hanging Knee Tucks
4. KB Deadlift to High Pull
5. Mountain Climbers
6. Barbell Windshield Wipers
7. Single Leg Step Ups (L)
8. Single Leg Step Ups (R)
9. Plank Jumps
10. MedBall Russian Twists
**60 seconds rest after all exercises are completed. Repeat 2 more times**
#GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #teamMMOGM #GainMomentum

**60 seconds rest after all exercises are completed. Repeat 2 more times**

Fitness Friendzy| #MyInsanelySaneFitnessFriends

#repost from @sh_ysn_livin_ysl with his new toy. I call it The Silence Of The Lambs Mask. #iAteHerLiverWithSomeFavaBeans —- 1500 jumping jacks
In the sauna 3 x 500 w/1min break

Then hit a 20min
High Intensity Interval Circuit

2 rounds of each station

Crazy Ropes
Mtn climbers
DB squat thrust

KB swings
Push up knee tucks

Sled tug-war 15yds - 275
Sled low push 15yds - 275

4 total rounds. Last 2 rounds I removed the mask felt like I was going to pass out.
@ddmindbodyevolution @cuttonadime24 @problem2114 #fitnessperformancetraining #GetFitOrLiveTrying #Fitness #SuccessOrDeath

#TheMask #MyPersonality