Move Maker Monday | Seize the day. Attack the night. #GetFitOrLiveTrying #teamMMOGM #SuccessOrDeath #Fitness

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Happy Sunday | When all is in chaos on the outside, keep your peace within. #DearGod #SundayFunday

The #UConnLost face. 😒

Sandbag Saturdays: 8am Class | Row 4 x 60 secs • Sandbag Power Clean to Press 4 x 10 • Sandbag Lunges 4 x 20 (total) • 200M Run x4 • Tire Jumps 4 x 10 • Tire Flips 4 x 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 #GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #GainMomentum #Fitness #SandbagSaturdays

Use It | Find your “Why.” Next time you go to the gym or if you’re thinking of finally starting; I want you to bring everything into your workout. Everything you Love and hate; everything that makes you happy, sad & mad. Everything you want and everything you don’t. Everything you like about yourself and everything you don’t. Everything that anyone has ever said to encourage and discourage you. Bring your anger, your stress, your thoughts, the girl or guy that got away because they thought you weren’t good enough or because YOU thought YOU weren’t good enough. I want you to bring your successes and your failures because it’s time to start feeling equally good about both. I want you to use all of this to remind you of where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go. I want you to use all of this to remind you of who you are, who you aren’t, who you can be, who you want to be, and who you don’t need to be anymore. Life’s too short to not be anything but happy and real with yourself. You can lie to everyone else but you’ll always have to face the truth when you look in the mirror or when you look within. Make it more than fitness. Make it more than you yet unselfishly all about you at the same time. Get mad and then use it to get better. I don’t need to know you to believe in you. But ask yourself why don’t you believe in you yet? Use it. #GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #teamMMOGM #Fitness

Power Wednesdays | 8:35pm Class. What?…you thought summers over so we stop? Negative. Monday/Wednesday/Friday & Saturday sessions. Ask about weekly & monthly classes. Email: #GetFitOrLiveTrying #SuccessOrDeath #Fitness #GainMomentum


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Greatness | Achieving things will not solve your insecurities. Asking yourself WHAT you want to achieve and WHY you want to achieve it is the only way to rid yourself of your insecurity which is caused by your own self-taught fear. #SuccessOrDeath